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A Warm and Furry Treasure Hunt, May 6, 2013
by Andromache (Hawaii)

This was a cute and satisfying game. Fluffy. If thatís not to your taste, you may really dislike the game. But when you have cats with nine tails and a pseudo fantasy feel with American cultural references shamelessly borrowed, itís kind of to be expected. This is light entertainment and it was nice to play a treasure hunt game with a story. You can choose to play as a mage, warrior, or rogue and as a male or female. I played as a rogue female. One day, I will probably try playing again as a different class. I liked the rogue character and the items were well-imagined. Even the characters, while nothing deep, were distinct because each one had specific personality traits. Writing is spare, but mostly error-free.

I did need the walkthrough for a couple puzzles and there were some minor bugs. (Spoiler - click to show)Jeremiad is still reported to be in the garden after you free him. If you ask Threnody about the impossible cube, she talks about symbols that arenít even on it. Itís as if itís the wrong conversation or the puzzle used to be different but the advice was never changed to reflect the revised cube. As for the puzzles I had difficulty with, one of them was purely a "guess the verb" problem. The other one I probably could have gotten if I went through my items more methodically. I just didnít want to bother taking the time. Also, thereís one unfair area that gives no indication youíve missed a treasure. I would not have gotten it without the walkthrough. Itís not clued at all that I can remember, or only clued once and not a part of the room description. Thatís a major failing. And be advised you don't need every item you can pick up, so it can be overwhelming. At least, inventory is not limited that I found.

Unfortunately, because of the specific wording required to reach the optimal ending and clearly not enough beta testing, I have to rate this lower than I would have liked. I donít regret playing it, but I do regret the mechanical problems that made the game a bit more difficult than it needed to be.