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Emotional; creepy house, August 8, 2018

Wow, I enjoyed this game. I became thoroughly invested in the ending (Spoiler - click to show)when I had to choose between saving Yvonne or letting her die. Not an easy choice to make, since I figured I'd be letting go of the other children, and I'd spent this whole game getting to know them! I saved her -- I would've felt pretty awful letting a baby die. I loved the changing and growing house, (Spoiler - click to show)as well as the changing and growing plant. What starts as a small, unassuming plant grows until it's literally going through the ceiling and taking up most of the room. Very House of Leaves.

One thing I feel really silly about is that I didn't realize I was carrying a map until, like, the end of the game (y'know, the title of the game). I'd actually drawn a tiny map on my iPad to keep track of where everything basically was. I forgot to check my inventory 'til the end... whoops. Won't do that again.

The only thing that frustrated me is having conversations. I found myself trying many words, getting brief responses, and giving up to do something else. I wish there'd been a short list of topics to ask about and maybe more responses built in (I understand how long and tiring this project must've been, though, lol). (Spoiler - click to show)For instance, there was a mention of my husband's boss grabbing my ass. I sure as hell didn't wanna let that one slide! I kept trying to get someone to bring it up or acknowledge it but couldn't.