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Interactive Fiction by Ade Mct

Worldsmith, by Ade McT (2016)
(29 ratings)
The Septem Tower has held steady in the Manifold, the space between time and the Real, for billenia. Populating the Tower are the Anemoi, a race of beings so far advanced that they hold the power...

Dr Horror's House of Terror, by Ade McT (2021)
(19 ratings)
The Grave cannot hold them...Nothing human can stop them...Torn from their tombs to terrify the world, the cravings of their undead blood made them kill...kill...KILL! Feel the chill of the crypt...

Fifteen Minutes, by Ade McT (2014)
(24 ratings)
You're in a tight spot. You have fifteen minutes before the Principal expels you from the cosy world of academia and into the cold harsh reality of the real world. You really should do something...

Map, by Ade McT (2015)
(31 ratings)
The house is growing. Or perhaps it's you who is shrinking. And with all this extra space is coming....time. Time enough, maybe, to make some changes.

Hard Puzzle 4: The Ballad of Bob and Cheryl, by Ade McT (2019)
(8 ratings)
In the BioDome after the Event, it's all getting a little bit desperate. And Bob isn't much help. He won't even let you use his stool. You know. For milking. A silly little IF puzzler. But can you...

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Reviews by Ade Mct

We Are the Firewall, by Anya Johanna DeNiro   September 22, 2021
"Written as a series of interlinked point of view stories, We Are the Firewall (WatF) presents a near-future dystopia of cultural wars,..." - See the full review

The Coffin Maker, by A.M. LeBlanc   January 4, 2020
"This is beautiful. A short, but affecting, unusual and imaginative think piece. As a coffin maker, you have the choice of which coffin to..." - See the full review

The Pen and the Dark, by Keith Campbell   January 7, 2016
"Keith Campbell was a hero of mine. He wrote a monthly Adventure Games column in 'Computer and Video Games' - probably the most successful..." - See the full review

What Fuwa Bansaku Found, by Chandler Groover   January 7, 2016
"For me, Chandler Groover might be one of the best prose stylists in IF today. And Fuwa Bansaku is no exception, illustrating another tool..." - See the full review

Summit, by Phantom Williams   November 17, 2015
"Far too many reviews have compared Summit to Porpentine's work. I don't see it. I see the intertextuality - the progression of the art..." - See the full review

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