by Dave Lebling

Episode 3 of The Enchanter series
Fantasy, Zorkian

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Good but..., December 8, 2009
by tggdan3 (Michigan)

I love enchanter. I really love sorcerer. I was really looking forward to playing spellbreaker.

It's the third in the trilogy. Magic is failing, and you, now the guildmaster, must do something about it. What's more, a myserious figure turned all the other head mages into reptiles (with some kind of yonked cleesh spell, I presume).

Where this breaks from the last two games, is the fact that you're basically teleporting from random location to random location. The game is fun, but at times the difficulty seems almost unfair. (Such as the final puzzle).

The plot during the game leaves much to be desired. Without any clear reason why, you are just going around collecting magic white cubes so you can teleport to the next area. The areas seem fairly random, almost as if they took all the puzzles they had left over from the other games and loosely strung them together.

The system is good, and some of the puzzles are fun, but sometimes you're left wondering why you're even doing what you're doing, and the inventory becomes cumbersome, what with 12 cubes you have to name seperately to keep track of them.

If you like enchanter and sorcerer, you'll like this one, just make sure you have the invisiclues handy, because the game is pretty much unbeatable without it.

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