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Worth playing and that's the truth., June 17, 2014
by Andrew Schultz (Chicago)

While I can't find fault with any of the commended games in ShuffleComp 2014, which was a pretty strong competition, I'm a bit disappointed Truth missed out. It's very old-school parser stuff about finding and exposing lies. They can be exaggerations or oversimplifications or clunky wordplay society's grown to accept for convenience.

Whichever it is, it's not hard to find by lawn-mowering. The usual suspects pop up, with ads that lie, politicians, clergymen, and so forth. Though the lies are generally stretched so the game never does something boring like have an agenda. Just examine everything, including (Spoiler - click to show)a line of Keats's poetry (the one about the urn)and you'll get all 21 points. But instead of getting points, you unearth truths, debunk fibs, etc.

As a bonus point for amusement, the author's pseudonym is a trivial truth. Before people revealed who they were, it was pretty clear the author was, indeed, an earthling. Which was just the sort of direct joke that worked so well in the game. And what a tidy game it is--it fits into the Z5 format!

Also, I had some knowledge with my truth, (Spoiler - click to show)"beagle puss" as the Groucho disguise you expose for the final point and a Final Revelation. I like that you can Find The Truth even before getting all the points, too.