Stay Lost

by Casey James

Slice of Life

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A story to return to, December 10, 2020

This is a story I go back to over and over again. It's very short, no more than ten to fifteen minutes. I really enjoy the prose; it has a very nostalgic feel, like memories of a childhood I never had. With a few sparse descriptions it manages to construct a very specific time and place, and immerses you in the feeling of being there, of just being a kid and going on camping trips and sleepovers and experiencing love or something like that. It's kind of beautiful. Insofar that there is a plot, it's rather abstract, jumping back and forth among different memories, all told in present tense as if it is all happening simultaneously.

Stay Lost was written in Texture, where the main form of interaction is dragging words onto parts of the text. To be honest I feel like there aren't really any advantages over twine-style clickable links in this game. This is basically pure hypertext; there's not really a notion of "meaningful choices" or anything like that. And there isn't really a need, either. This is an example of a hypertext where the interaction mechanisms work to help tell the story, creating a sense of tentativeness and uncertainty.