The Shattered Fortress

by JazzTap


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A deeply confusing visual novel about fantasy and strange monsters, November 22, 2023
by MathBrush
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This is a relatively brief visual novel written for Ectocomp in the Grand Guignol competition.

It's a tale about a creature from Hell (a tiefling maybe?) and a paladin who dispute over an apprentice called Strider who apparently was captured by a shapeshifter (or replaced?), although this is never mentioned again.

I've struggled to review it, so I'll use my arbitrary 5-star criteria:

+Polish: The game has no bugs that I can see and looks visually well-put-together.

+Descriptiveness: There is some vivid imagery around things like snakes and eyes.

-Interactivity: You have choices, but it's not clear what effects they have, and the narrative lurches from scene to scene with little connection. I'm all for disjointed or dream like narrative, but I feel like there was no connecting thread binding this together.

-Emotional impact: Because of the 'jumpiness' of the story, it was hard to get invested. They are at a bar...then there is a fight...once the fight is done an abbess enters the same room to condemn a character...but maybe this room is in hell?

-Would I play again? Not at this time. I've played at least one other game by this author in Gruescript, which was interesting, and I would play more in the future, but this one kind of went over my head.

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