Abandon Them

by Alan Beyersdorf

Folklore/Fairytale, Drama

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- tekket (Česká Lípa, Czech Republic), November 18, 2019

- Karl Ove Hufthammer (Bergen, Norway), November 17, 2019

- necromancer, November 16, 2019

- jaclynhyde, October 22, 2019

- Dudley Dipstick, October 6, 2019

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An illustrated, short game dealing with the moral choices in Hansel and Gretel, October 6, 2019
by MathBrush
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This is an interesting game. It has custom art and animations in the Godot engine. You play as three characters (well, four characters, but two are at the same time) as you go through the story.

It is very short, with just a few screens and one choice per screen.

It's a philosophical game. In the beginning (which I now realize presaged the end), you are asked to abandon the characters as soon as the game is over (hence the name).

I realize now as I write this that (in regards to that ending) (Spoiler - click to show)I was surprised and annoyed that the game just stops in the middle. I wanted to know more. But isn't that the whole point? That I had promised to not care?

So it is clever, but it left me feeling frustrated. Also, I feel like it could do better in its choices; for a few options, none of them were things I'd like to do.

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