Questor's Quest

by Mark Stahl


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A mid-length homebrew parser game with DnD-type quests, February 3, 2016
by MathBrush
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This game resembles to me a Dungeons and Dragons type quest without leveling or classes. You play Questor, on a quest to help everyone. You have to save a man from poisoning by finding an antidote, defeat a witch, gather things in the forest, engage in combat, answer riddles, and do a few more intense Kerkerkruip-like combat segments where you choose whether to attack or defend and what to attack.

I would not classify this as an 'old-school game', but more as a 'faux-ld school game', a game that recreates what people think early parser games were like.

If you enjoy DnD type games (like Eye of the Beholder), this could be a fun mid-length game for you.