Fight Forever

by Pako


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The Bones of an Intriguing RPG, December 6, 2020
by Joey Acrimonious
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Fight Forever is a martial-arts RPG that focuses primarily on stat-building - youíre trying to train a character who will be capable of taking on your opponents. The game has all the bones of a fairly expansive RPG, but from what Iíve seen, it appears to be unfinished. There are many greyed-out options that donít seem like they can be unlocked at present, perhaps teasers for future content?

The writing is terse but effective, and it intrigued me. I wanted to explore more of this game, see what different options are available, and experiment with different ways of building a character. Unfortunately, this proved very difficult, because the way stats are handled is extremely opaque. Unless Iím missing something, thereís no way to see a comprehensive summary of all your characterís stats at once - instead, you have to rely on occasional notifications that youíve increased x stat to y level. At no point did I ever come across a listing of what all the stats even are, much less what theyíre supposed to do. Thereís no obvious way of telling what the numbers mean. Within a few fights, I had increased my mindset to 3000 while my heart was 52 and my kicking was 2Ö but I couldnít figure out how to tell what effect any of those had, or how they compare to my opponentsí stats.

I found the fights to be frustrating for three reasons. They occur through infernally slow timed text that canít be skipped. They are narrated in a very spare and repetitive manner. And, most importantly, they give no actionable feedback. I was left with no clue why I was winning or losing! Was it chance? Was it because of my scores in some crucial stat(s)?

The system intrigued me enough that I wanted to keep playing and exploring - maybe, with time, I would figure out things that werenít immediately apparent? But my plans were cut short when I decided to retire and try playing as my 14-year-old scion. That didnít work, because a 14-year-old canít enter fights, so Iíd have to wait for time to advanceÖ but after exhausting a few training options that can only be done once between each fight, I was left with no obvious way to make time advance. I was stuck at 14. Oops. Game over for me.

Should you try Fight Forever in its current state? Maybe. Thereís definitely some interesting mechanics here, even if they are hidden behind a totally opaque presentation. Maybe youíll be clever enough to figure out things that I missed? I had some fun trying, so hopefully you will too.