El último Baile

by Chemo Umbría


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A branching adventure about a deadly dance, November 8, 2023
by MathBrush
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This short Petite Mort ectocomp game features a branching narrative written in 4 hours.

Despite its short creation time, it manages to be interesting. You are at a party where things are getting pretty dangerous.

As you explore more, you discover a dangerous group of individuals who have taken over the building. If you can only figure out a good path, you can survive!

This game mostly is a kind of gauntlet structure where there are dead ends at each stage (although it's not totally a gauntlet because you get multiple chances for some things). It can be thrilling at times or disturbing at others. Overall, I found the story effective, but would enjoy if more time was spent adding different connections between paths and variable tracking (which would obviously take more than 4 hours!) Great work for the time it was written in.

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