A Fine Day for Reaping

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Fun so far, but with an unplayable bug: you can't go west, May 15, 2022

I wish I could give this a proper review. It really is a cool premise. Unfortunately, trying to enter "w" or "west" or otherwise only gets me "You try the handle but the door is locked. You need a keycard to get in. People are so suspicious these days."

This applies everywhere, even Death's own house. I checked a few different places. This bug is not mentioned anywhere, but it is a result of typing in a game-specific command, more or less, so I assume it's a game issue and not a me issue.

I will check back at some point to see if it gets fixed, and update the review. Really want to complete this one, I like the idea of (Spoiler - click to show)needing items from one location to solve puzzles in another.

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DB, May 15, 2022 - Reply
I can verify that you've run into this error because you attempted playing the game in the wrong interpreter. This game was written in ADRIFT 4. To play it, use the ADRIFT 4 Runner, not ADRIFT 5.
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