The Imposter

by Carter Gwertzman


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Eerie on a spaceship, December 2, 2020
by Stian
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Capturing some of the same eeriness as Alien (the film), The Imposter is a very short story set in a spaceship. Itís hardly interactive though; the only choices you make is the order in which you visit the different locations. The little text there is is well written; the only issue is that it did not always feel coherent with the spectacularly creepy ending.

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A short story based on Among Us, November 16, 2020
by MathBrush
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This is a very short story about the game Among Us. I feel like I'm giving all the La Petite Mort games 3 stars (which, I figure is what you'd expect most speed-IF to be at most). This game is very short, but I love playing Among Us with my son, so it was fun.

And it surprised me twice. The first one I feel very dumb for not thinking of, given how obvious it is, but the second thing that surprised me is how customized the text is based on the order of your choices.

Short fun.

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Man is the warmest place to hide, November 9, 2020
by jakomo
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Tiny Twine scifi-horror: well-written, with very effective descriptions of the 'kills'. The twist in the tale has been done before, 20 years ago in fact, but remains pretty effective in 2020.

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