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Past / Present - A Winter TADS Jam Game, January 18, 2022
by fos1 (Under the Rainbow)

The author this story is one that might have been a Twilight episode. Very true indeed.

The opening intro starts immediately in first person. That is unusual enough in interactive fiction (IF) that it stood out clearly. After that opening, you are drawn into the story as that person. This not so subtle opening drew me in.
As a hopeless romantic, I kept pulling for a solution that would solve the issues in the evolving relationship. The solutions were there, I just had to find them. They had to lie just outside the front door and always somewhere in another room – maybe? Will I win – lose? … Always drawn in further.

You see shadows of a former time. I wanted to find, no had to find the nascent characters: a nameless wife and Toby, a young son. The search leads on but memories just out of reach. I really wanted to find Toby!
As you explore the empty, dust filled house, you are led down a pathway searching for answers, memories that become more and more clear as you visit each room again and again: searching.

The wife’s art lays a theme that provides answers if you could only solve them. If you could have seen them, found the right questions and provided the correct solutions.
This a journey of transition that we all go through at times in our lives, not necessarily this transition but always one that starts and ends and can never be solved. Maybe - sometimes?

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