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Retired science teacher, counselor, and web author.

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A day in the life of a writer, by Gurpegui   May 18, 2021
"I guess it is a game. Every choice leads to another form of procrastination. I procrastinate too much but I'm retired. I need goals and..." - See the full review

The Cliche Adventures of a Generic Hero, by Bucky   March 9, 2021
"I played the game through a couple of times. The early part of the game is linear, a single choice after a page of narrative. After the..." - See the full review

The Donner Party, by Will11   February 28, 2021
"I have heard of the Donner Party. A new theory was in the news recently. What a tough time and a tough way to travel. But the west coast..." - See the full review