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Retired science teacher, counselor, and web author.

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Interactive Fiction by fos1

A Pumpkin, by fos1 (2022)
(3 ratings)
A mostly light hearted Halloween fiction. It should be fun. Be careful in the dark side of Pumpkin World!

Sea Coral, by Jeff Greer (2023)
(1 rating)
A seaborne crime with a search and rescue sub-drama, written with the Punyinform library for entry into PunyJam #3.

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Reviews by fos1

The Impossible Stairs, by Mathbrush   November 12, 2023
"Mathbrush is an awesome coder and author. This adventure is fashioned after the developer of the Dialog Authoring system's Impossible..." - See the full review

Past Present, by Jim Nelson   January 18, 2022
"The author this story is one that might have been a Twilight episode. Very true indeed. The opening intro starts immediately in first..." - See the full review

A day in the life of a writer, by Gurpegui   May 18, 2021
"I guess it is a game. Every choice leads to another form of procrastination. I procrastinate too much but I'm retired. I need goals and..." - See the full review

The Cliche Adventures of a Generic Hero, by Bucky   March 9, 2021
"I played the game through a couple of times. The early part of the game is linear, a single choice after a page of narrative. After the..." - See the full review

The Donner Party, by Will11   February 28, 2021
"I have heard of the Donner Party. A new theory was in the news recently. What a tough time and a tough way to travel. But the west coast..." - See the full review