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Fight, upgrade, explore, recover memories, and negotiate between three factions, December 14, 2022
by MathBrush
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Inspired by Kinetic Mouse Car's review, I tried this very long Twine game.

It is at its core a cycle of procedurally generated combat, with upgrades that can be bought by the player. Upgrades are earned by fighting, and the more you explore and fight the more areas you unlock, which have stronger enemies with stronger rewards.

You play as a Corrector, a figure with unknown properties and goals, and you have the ability to come back from death due to an AI that has access to a cloning mechanism. Both you and the AI are missing large chunks of memories that you have to recover.

This is done by finding microchips to plug into the computer to increase its capacity and give you upgrades. Small upgrades cost just a dozen or so chips, while the biggest upgrades can cost over 500,000 chips.

The storyline is complex, and reminiscent of shows like Avatar (James Cameron one). You interact with three factions: human, robot, and alien.

There are 15 endings, corresponding roughly to which factions you support. There are some romantic figures, lots of literary references, and some psychologically intense scenes.

Overall, I found it very satisfying, and it took me at least 4 hours to complete, much of which was through fairly repetitive combat. But it was enjoyable combat, due to the constant upgrades and escalations.

Like KMC commented, there are noticeable typos, which can be distracting, and I believe the armor plating doesn't actually work (one version of it does). But these are pretty slight faults in a large game.

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Kinetic Mouse Car, December 15, 2022 - Reply
This review absolutely made my day!

I am also impressed with your ability with reviews to summarize key points into a condensed format. I tell myself to keep things brief but usually end up with "la, la, la, VOLUME I." You summarized the game perfectly.

I'm glad people are playing it. It is such a cool find.

Thanks again!
MathBrush, December 15, 2022 - Reply
You've been doing a great job of uncovering hidden gems, so I hope to find more through your reviews!

I think my reviews are smaller because we have different goals; I just write reviews like a library catalog, intending it to function as a kind of organizational tool, while I believe you are giving more of an analysis, which leads to much higher quality reviews, which I really enjoy reading.
Kinetic Mouse Car, December 15, 2022 - Reply
Well said!
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