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Like Thumbelina meets Redwall. Easy, shortish parser game., February 3, 2016

Mite is by Sara Dee, author of the slice of life game Tough Beans. In this game, you play a green pixie boy who is trying to return a stolen gem to its owner, the fairy prince.

The game is easy to map and simple to play. The map is a V shape, where you start at the vertex and can go down either path (and eventually do both). The puzzles are really very cute (How can you get into an orange tulip? How can you rescue a ladybug in peril?).

I enjoyed this game. It lasted about 30 minutes, with no walkthrough, which is very rare for me.

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Andrew Schultz, April 4, 2016 - Reply
I never thought of the Redwall comparison. It's a good one. I judged this game for the 2011 IFComp and remember liking it.

Thanks for the reminder about Tough Beans. I wanted to play her other two games and if they're as intuitive and fun as this, I shouldn't have delayed so long.

I actually got stuck because I didn't (Spoiler - click to show)X ME at the start or, well, at any time but I know better now, I think. This is minor, and I feel like a real nitpicker saying it, but it shouldn't ruin enjoyment for anyone.
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