So I Was Short Of Cash And Took On A Quest

by Anssi Räisänen


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A short spy game with fun puzzles but a bit undercooked, April 6, 2021
by MathBrush
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This game describes itself well on the Spring Thing page, where it says:

"I’ve entered it in the Back Garden section because it is
not very large, it has had insufficient testing and consequently has some rough spots. It should anyway be playable through and hopefully provides some enjoyment along the way. A walkthrough is available in a separate file. Have fun!"

I found the puzzles pleasant and the overall atmosphere light and breezy, but there were several typos or bugs.

Overall, you're trying out for a spy type job and have to infiltrate a house. Puzzles are presented one at a time, generally, with each solved puzzle giving a clue to the next one.

The hints could definitely have used some fine-tuning, but the author seems well aware of that. I had fun, but could have had more.