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Loved it!, December 26, 2014
by Chai Hai (Kansas City KS)

Just wanted to say that I loved your story. Sometimes these non-choice ones are too cut and dry. They can fail to engage you if you're not careful.

I loved this one, I kept wanting to know more about "She", and I loved the overall vagueness of it. It was vague but not too vague, you struck a nice balance and kept the reader hooked.

Since I love to place myself in the role of the main character, at first I was disappointed with the constant mentions of "She", as I'm a straight woman and thought it was going to go down the romantic path.

But I was satisfied with the openness of the ending, letting you derive your own conclusions, whether or not this is the start of a beautiful friendship or something more.

My only complaints are that clicking on some links would loop back to previous things I had already read, and not wanting to miss anything I'd sometimes go into a backwards 3-4 page loop until the story progressed. Maybe next time indicate that these clicks backtrack what we already know?

Anywho, great game, I enjoyed it!

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