Tookie's Song

by Jessica Knoch

Alien Visitation

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Quirky and Fun, July 31, 2009

Tookie's Song is a lighthearted and enjoyable piece of work. It is mainly a puzzle piece; there isn't much at all in the way of story development except the beginning premise (you must rescue your dog that was kidnapped by cat-like aliens) and the endgame. While I normally don't like games like this, the funny writing, amusing characterization of the NPCs and interesting world kept me with this one.
The puzzles are of varying difficulty, some quite easy and others rather difficult IMO (but then again, puzzles are not my strong suite). If you do have trouble, there is a well-done set of hints for each puzzle that progresses from gentle nudges to explicit solutions.
One of my favorite things about the game was the quirky modifications of Inform's standard messages. Several had me laughing out loud. However, a couple of these responses were a mixed bag; while they were funny, they also lessened the feeling of immersion in the game world (for example, (Spoiler - click to show) asking one of the aliens about the game responds with something like "Yup, this world was created just for you.").
I was slightly disappointed with the ending. (Spoiler - click to show)After spending so much time trying to rescue my pet and worrying about his safety, I am essentially double-crossed by said pet.
On the whole, Tookie's Song is excellent if you're looking for an amusing diversion and interesting puzzles, but probably not what you want if you're looking for an intensive story or "literary" work.