Adventure (BBC Master Welcome Disc, 1986)

by Anonymous


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It is indeed simple and short, December 22, 2015
by jwhitham (York, England)

This is a two-word parser game from 1986. I don't have much information about it, not even who wrote it, or why they gave it the same name as the game that obviously inspired it. I first played it at school on a (then-new) Master micro - it was shipped with that machine on a demo disk, probably intended as an introduction to the machine's capabilities.

The game is not complicated. Unlike the more famous "Adventure", it takes place mostly outside, though the layout of the outside world is reminiscent of Adventure. The goal is to find one treasure. The game ends as soon as you find it.

No bugs are evident, but the game is short. Descriptions are very sparse. The game is quite forgiving, it doesn't seem to be possible to get stuck. There are no difficult puzzles. It's all just a matter of finding objects and using them in the right place. This game could be a short diversion if you are looking for something simple and old-school. It's a good example of the sort of hand-crafted parser game that could be written in BASIC within a week or two.