Attack of the Terror Tabby!!!

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Not Quite Useless, November 22, 2010
by tggdan3 (Michigan)

I first read some of the other reviews on this site. Apparantly the game is supposed to be unwinnable. It's not- I won it on the second playthrough.

Your cat is ticking. It must have swallowed a bomb. I thought this was funny- such a simple premise: survive the explosion of your cat. The parser keeps the tension up by reminding you of that damn ticking throughout the game.

There were some implementation issues: listen to ticking doesn't exist, bed is not a synonym for mattress, and so forth, but nothing horrible. (Some more testing would have handled this).

Of course, there's a twist to the puzzle, which is why it may seem unwinnable at first. When you figure it out, you smack yourself. There are some nice touches- such as when you try to get rid of the cat out the door or window, great reasons for why this is not possible. And the sparse apartment is well described.

To those reviewers, I suggest they try a re-play of this game. I gave 3 stars, some cleanup of the implementation would earn 4.