Christmas Greetings

by Dum-Dum (John Kendall)

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Merry Christmas, etc, December 4, 2022
by Kinetic Mouse Car
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This is something new. I believe this is the first Twine game I have played that has animated GIFs. It is a Christmas themed poem about low expectations during the holiday season.

There is only one page in the game. It consists of a poem with links that reveal GIFs related to the subject matter. It is fun to find and watch every GIF. Many are taken from TV shows or movies. Not all the GIFs matched with the textís content- they could have been more concise- but some were spot on. I loved the one with the (Spoiler - click to show) cats and dogs eating off the table. Also: Save us from a world of trouble! That linkís GIF is a lot of fun.

The writing is a bit vague but maintains a consistent and clear-cut tone of cynicism about the Christmas season. It looks at the grandeur of Christmas and the consumption of food and gift-giving which is tied to societal expectations about partaking in get-togethers of family and friends so everyone can be cheerful in ways that would otherwise be unlikely at any other time of the year.

It seems like the author is saying that not everyone wants to celebrate Christmas (or decline to celebrate it at all) with tons and tons of people. People do not always feel the spirit of Christmas and want to be roped into joining the festivities, especially since they do not share the enthusiasm of everyone else.

Of course, "everyone" is subjective. There is often an impression that "everyone" around you love this or that, when in reality the sentiment is a bit of an exaggeration. Still, it feels that way, and the stifling effect seems to be a main idea in the poem.

Similarly, the poem considers the instant cheer where "everyone" goes from living in the rat race to embracing a sparkling life when infused with the Christmas spirit. Obviously, this is not the case for everyone whether it be for personal reasons or circumstances out of their control, but it is easy to overlook the statistics when caught up in the season.

As for societyís (again, subjective analysis) positive attitude towards Christmas, it makes sense that people would be more joyful during the holiday season because of its correlation with traditions/practices that one can enjoy. The main argument that the author tries to make is how emotions and sentiments cultivated during Christmas time often dwindle once Christmas has passed.

Now, I am pretty sure that this is made with Twine. It uses a pale backdrop, black text, green links. The only notable visual element is a large drawing of an angel at the left side of the screen, adding some Christmas cheer. And of course, there are the GIFs that offer fun visuals.

Final thoughts
This game offers an alternate look into celebrating Christmas. If you want to switch things up with your Christmas IF playlist, consider playing Christmas Greetings.