The Water Bird

by Athan Skelley


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Frustrating Beyond Belief, January 21, 2009
by Andromache (Hawaii)

This game was so unplayable I never bothered to finish it, even though somebody went to the trouble of writing a walkthrough. The author said they didn't favor hints, which is unfortunate because this game really needed them. There were so many bugs, and I'm not even the type who tries wild experiments just to see if the game deals with them. You could only carry a limited amount of items, and if you had multiples of the same item, you couldn't examine them. The game would ask which item you mean, when there's only one choice. Puzzles were obscure and there's at least one instance I know where you have to guess the verb.

Basically, bad mechanics ruined what could have been a very interesting story. I was so disappointed I couldn't finish the game.