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Loose Ends

by Jonathan Scott and Stephen Boyd


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1 review

About the Story

It had been three years since Sir Ignatius Grimwood K.G. had done battle with the evil criminal, Bert Rosenberg, The final minutes of the conflict had been a fluke, Grimwood had considered, culminating in Rosenberg's timely and yet unsatisfying death. Grimwood knew the villain was a genius and to track him down was nothing compared to the intellectual challenge that the "head-to-head" confrontation should have been. Grimwood regrets that he cannot rectify the irrevocable past, the vicissitudes of which have not changed his outlook on life, despite the fact that he still fears that one diabolo of his past, Rosenberg. For Grimwood there were a great deal of unanswered questions and, in a conversation with his colleague, Obadiah Hardy, Grimwood considered these.

"I still do not understand the reason for Rosenberg's incursion into the Peregrine Theatre that night," Grimwood had said. "And, although you have stated that he had evidently stolen something from the owner's office, the reason for his doing so is still not clear to me."

"All I know is that whatever he stole must have been very important," replied Hardy, "but it's beyond me what this was."

For a period of three weeks Grimwood had been receiving letters such as: "Grimwood: Your time has come! I shall avenge my brother, who you killed with your virtuous claims of self-defence. Just remember, a Rosenberg never forgets! - A well-wisher, or perhaps not so."

A final letter told him to watch the balconies during his performances of Hamlet, which would mark the first time in three years that he and Hardy would perform at the Peregrine Theatre in the town of Sandbourne. The night of the first performance had arrived and Grimwood was prepared for the revelation of the truth behind Rosenberg's earlier activities and was ready to tie up several Loose Ends.

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Sequel to "Out of the Limelight" - PAW game for ZX Spectrum, June 1, 2023
by Denk
Related reviews: zx spectrum, PAW

This is the sequel to "Out of the Limelight" and just as the first game, it is recommended to find the leaflet with the instructions online to get the backstory. However, the most important is probably the commands VOCAB and INFO. VOCAB tells you the required format for talking to characters.

This game takes place 3 years after the first game. You are still working as an actor and during a play you see Rosenberg on the balcony. But you killed him in the last game(?)!

Part 1 is mostly a detective game where you are looking for clues and travel between locations you discover are important. Part 2 has more the style of a "treasure island"-game where you are trying to bring down a criminal gang who hides in a monastery on an island. So you will have to avoid being killed by thugs etc.

The game has a lot of good, fair puzzles but as always with old PAW games you should expect some guess-the-verb situations and that the game can be unwinnable without telling you.

Parser/Vocabulary (Rating: 6/10)
The PAW parser can handle more than 2 words but mostly 2 are sufficient but not always. Sometimes I wonder why a command did not work but I suppose adding more possible commands would eat up RAM too fast. For instance, the game apparently understand the word POUR. But in a special situation I was going to pour something, the required command was PUT OBJECT1 ON OBJECT2 even though the game often responds to such commands with: You cannot wear object1. When you get used to playing PAW games, you get a better understanding of these problems and can usually figure out the right command within a reasonable amount of time.

Atmosphere (Rating: 8/10)
The descriptions are good considering it is a PAW game with a limited amount or RAM. You don't need a lot more text to get in the right mood.

Cruelty (Rating: Cruel)
As most PAW games from this period, you may overlook an object you will need later and you can't go back and get it. Instead you must load an earlier save or restart.

Puzzles (Rating: 8/10)
Some very nice puzzles, all very fair. Most were of medium difficulty plus the added difficulty of guessing-the-verb sometimes.

Overall (Rating: 8/10)
Certainly one of the better PAW games from when homegrown 8-bit text adventures where at its best.

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