The Fat Lardo and the Rubber Ducky

by Anonymous


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Best left forgotten, December 1, 2023

A simplistic, joke game, with a deliberately dumb premise: you're an "excessively fat imbecile", stuck in a room with no exits and a single rubber duck, with which you can interact in a few ways, all while being relentlessly insulted by the narrator.

The game's humor hasn't aged well. And no, I don't even mean the vulgar insults (which are, arguably, the funniest and best-written part). The comedy comes across as... desperate, like something written by a kid who's not quite sure what 'humor' is, so he tries to emulate it by either randomly breaking into gibberish or misspelling random words. Remember when "lolrandom" humor was all the rage on the internet? This game feels like a bad relic from that age. Avoid this one; there's nothing here worth your time.

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