Pumpkin relationship

by VistaPopulus


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A slice of love, January 26, 2024
by manonamora
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As a short kinetic entry, Pumpkin relationship explores the themes of love, relationship, and how recipes can be synonymous to certain people in your life. Here, Anna and Ben have been a couple for quite some time, sharing - among others - a passion for cooking and delighting their friends with their creations. Every year, they go pick out the perfect pumpkin and go through the gruelling process of carving it, scooping it, mashing it... all to make the perfect pumpkin pie.

After all, love is sharing, love is caring. And their dishes - especially that pie - is an expression of that love, for each other and to others.

Though the writing is fairly concise, memories of the past and descriptions of traditions are intertwined with each step of the baking process. They connected through the pie, and will continue to connect with others through it.

Pretty cute.

[I only read the piece in English]

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