Lost Dutchman's Gold

by Bob Liddil and Teri Li


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Brush up Your Miner 49er Lingo, March 31, 2014
by jgerrie (Cape Breton Island, Canada)
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The Search for the Lost Dutchman's Gold, like so many Basic 8-Bit adventures relies heavily on stereotypes and clichés. Some of these are directed towards native people, but in the overall scheme of the well-worn plot and old-west scenario they are to be expected. Such concerns aside, the plot actually holds together quite well. The most appealing aspect of the adventure is the pseudo miner-49-speak that "yer" guide uses to convey information about your progress. It's kinda half way between pirate-speak and cowboy-lingo, both of which most people are proficient enough in such that it's not likely to present many problems of comprehension. There are no completely arbitrary deaths. You'll have to make some fairly obvious misjudgments to get yourself "dun'in." The puzzles are challenging and coherent. The game would definitely benefit from a game save feature. The MC-10 version I ported and played from a PC version didn't have one, but other versions apparently have them. My version fixes what I believe are some problems with the "mule" interactions of the PC version.

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