The Dragon Will Tell You Your Future Now

by Newsreparter


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An exercise in futility, in Twine format, November 17, 2017
by MathBrush
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In 2006, Theo Koutz entered an IFComp game called Sisyphus, where you roll a stone up a hill and it rolls down again. It was a troll game that was smooth and polished.

This is essentially the same game, but with shiny new polish. You have to open some doors, but you can't. Replaying this, though, I found that I actually enjoyed the writing, perhaps more than any other game in the comp.

So this was pretty fun, despite the author's intentions.

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Jacic, May 31, 2018 - Reply
I agree, I think it had some of the best writing in the comp. It's a shame it wasn't entered as a full playable game (rather than an unwinnable one), I think it would have done well.
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