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I wish there was just a bit more., July 25, 2023

I have a huge folder on my PC full of interactive fiction games that I've been collecting for years, most of which, to be honest, I still haven't tried. Every few years I get the urge to play some, and this time I decided to reorganise everything. As you might expect, this little game was at the top of the list, so I decided to play it. It didn't take long and I found it mildly amusing.

My disappointment with this game comes not from the scenario, which has potential, or the twist, which is both fun and a little bit "meta", or the length, which is suitable (and I'm a big fan of short stories in fiction, so this is really not a problem) -- It's just that I wish the author went a little wilder with it. A player can probably tell right off that something about the situation doesn't add up, and I think the game should give the player a little more freedom to step out of the box as it were and do weird stuff. You kind of have to follow one of three or four expected patterns and trying to do outlandish things (as I think a character in your position probably would) doesn't work. You can't interact with anyone, even though there are a few opportunities that might suggest you could do so. Certain things aren't mentioned in order not to spoil the twist in the game, but you'd think they would be, logically -- one of them is and can provide a little fun when you play the game a second time, and you might even discover it the first time through (revealing the "twist" at the outset and thus allowing you to beat the game), bbut even that has no real possibilities for manipulation.

Still, this is likeable enough. I'd love to see something a bit more playful and expansive from the author on a similar theme. This almost seems like a trial run for something.

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