The Crooked Estate

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Now what?, August 26, 2011
by Jizaboz (U.S.A.)

I also couldn't figure out what I was supposed to be doing. I really liked the theme and the setting. Good writing. It felt as if I was in some bad nightmare or something. I just couldn't make the game progress, which was disappointing.

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Weird, but not wonderful, August 24, 2011
by David Whyld (Derbyshire, United Kingdom)

ďA weird little arty experiment of a gameĒ is what I thought after a few minutes playing this. Nicely written but not much to actually do. The author recommends you play the game with the Generator open, but this doesn't really help matters much and after several minutes of randomly trying things and getting nowhere, I resorted to keying in commands at random from the Generator in the hope of finally making some progress. No such luck. As far I could tell, it doesn't look like itís possible to make any progress with no clear ending or goal in sight.

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