Destination Unknown

by Mark Mihalko


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Mediocre writing, terrible pacing., August 18, 2016

This was a disappointment after recently playing The Axolotl Project, and to be honest this is the sort of thing I was more expecting from a twine game.

The writing is.. readable. The story is a bit of a mess, jumping in places without explanation (for instance, when you reach what I assume is a "death" end scene, you immediately jump back to the previous decision, allowing you to enter an infinite loops of choosing the same option if you like) and at one point apparently either all the way to the beginning of the entry into the triangle, or randomly into a completely different vessel doing the same thing... I couldn't tell, which to be honest says a lot about how evocative the writing is of the setting.

Worse than that though is the pacing. There is no finesse to the pacing in this story - it starts at full throttle (Oh my god, fog! We're entering the triangle!) and just stays there (Turn right "Oh my god, it's a hatch!"). The whole reading experience then feels like a rush, there's no time to build up any atmosphere beyond annoyance, and consequently very little engagement with the game itself.

To be fair, it might get better. I didn't play all the way to the end, it just didn't appeal enough. Your mileage may vary.

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