Mastaba Snoopy

by gods17

Surreal, Horror

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One of the best twine games that exists on planet earth, August 7, 2017
by Laura Michet (Los Angeles)

Among a certain "scene" of Twine devs, Mastaba Snoopy is revered like the god damn holy grail-- if the holy grail was gross and weird and covered in dicks or something and you had to hide it under a quilt in a large plastic tub in the attic so your partner wouldn't ask questions about it. Mastaba Snoopy is bizarre and confusing; the lengths it goes to transform mundane kitsch are disgustingly impressive.

Look: if writing is about making you feel something, Mastaba Snoopy's absurdist Woodstock lyricism is some of the best writing in IF, period. Mastaba Snoopy brings things you've relegated to the stale dumpster of your memory a kind of alarming, hallucinatory, disturbing freshness. Mastaba Snoopy is pure wonder. I love it.

I think about Mastaba Snoopy all the damn time.

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