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Interactive Fiction by Laura Michet

Swan Hill, by Laura Michet (2013)
(19 ratings)

Swan Hill is an interactive story about brothers who have grown apart. It has multiple endings.

The Hive Abroad, by Laura Michet (2015)
(5 ratings)
Sam lived among aliens for five years. Coming back home has been harder than he thought. The Hive Abroad is an experimental, nonlinear sci-fi short story about friendship, community, and changing...

The Brigand's Story, by Laura Michet (2016)
(5 ratings)
"The Brigand's Story is a spooky interactive short story adapted from a nonsense tale that my friends and I used to tell as children."

The Cursed Sword of Shagganuthor, by Laura Michet (2013)
(5 ratings)

A fatalistic Twine story about scars.

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Reviews by Laura Michet

Mastaba Snoopy, by gods17   August 7, 2017
"Among a certain "scene" of Twine devs, Mastaba Snoopy is revered like the god damn holy grail-- if the holy grail was gross and weird and..." - See the full review