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Fighting with the parser , July 31, 2019
by calindreams (Birmingham, England)

It seems like this game was a labour of love. The game uses a nice font and there is some nice comic touches.

Apparently this game is 'cruel' on the Zarfian scale, but I couldn't even get through the first room. The parser seems to be pretty non standard and most inputs come back with some odd responses. The narrative voice suggests you turn the lights on, but 'turn on lights' or 'turn lights on', don't work (just typing 'lights' does work). Whether I am just not understanding the game mechanics, I'm not sure, but there are no instructions.

The game needs some serious play testing. I look forward to seeing something in the future after the author has got to grips with some of the coding issues.

By looking at the description of the game, there seems to be a lot to experience. But most experienced gamers will probably give up at the first few hurdles.

It's a shame to give this a one star rating, but as it stands it isn't playable, even though there may be a good game in there somewhere.