Chemistry and Physics

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Escape the Lab, March 18, 2016

Chemistry and Physics wants to have both story and puzzle. What it has is an overly long introduction followed by an easy puzzle. The main character is supposed to be chased by someone, but this looks like it was added so it's less obvious it's a mediocre escape-the-room.

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A puzzly Twine game about escaping a psycho in a laboratory, February 3, 2016

This Ectocomp game was a speed-IF, but it turned out really well. An abusive boyfriend chases you into a laboratory, where you have to run around in the darkness, hiding, distracting, and trying to get out.

The writing is compelling and creepy, and the puzzle of surviving was good enough to get it nominated for an XYZZY for Best Individual Puzzle.

Overall, great for horror/stalker fans.

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Tension-filled chase in a lab, January 27, 2016
by verityvirtue (London)

When you agreed to meet him, you thought it would all end amicably. That you could go away and close this chapter of your life. Instead, you're now running from him. Bad news: no cell phone reception. You can't call for help. You're stuck. Good news: this is familiar territory. This is your lab. Can you get out of this alive?

Be warned: this game contains mentions of abuse and violence.

The game is simply done and technically well-thought-out, with an inventory system and a navigation system using a compass, a la The Axolotl Project. Item descriptions of things in the lab reveal a close attention to accuracy and detail; you can pick up a beaker of isopropyl and trust that the information you get will be like something you might find on an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

The writing steers clear of florid detail or elaborate tricks with language, instead reminding the player of the urgency of the chase at every other turn ("He's near"). Some might find it too technical or clinical; I found it struck a good balance.

Chemistry and Physics uses no fancy tricks, does nothing neat with multimedia, but instead relies on the strength of its writing to convey the animal fear of being chased.

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Creepy, well-done, November 5, 2013
by streever (America)

I'm slightly biased against twine style games, but this is done well, and feels more like a traditional parser-based IF in the interaction and mechanics of the central puzzle.

I think there should be a trigger warning: it is about a violently abusive man, but this is a good game with excellent writing.

Very fair, and very consistent. There were no short-comings or technical flaws I found.

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