4K Adventure

by John Metcalf


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- Arrowhead12 (Edmonton, Alberta), September 18, 2020

- Sobol (Russia), July 26, 2016

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Old-School Pre-Infocom Style Text Adventure, April 4, 2016
by PDearmore (Central New York)
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Described as "ideal for a complete beginner providing they
examine everything" in the Readme. The puzzles are of the "look at x, find y, use it on z" variety.

This is really not bad for a game developed from scratch in Assembly. Yeah, I don't like that the "unknown input" message and the "item has no description message" are the same, and there are a few other minor flaws like this, but not bad, considering.

The game captures the spirit of the pre-Infocom text adventures very well--but it does feel updated somewhat. No mazes, and I wasn't dying without warning at every turn. I ended up with a score of 72--not sure what the max is. I suspect there is something you can do with the fungus to increase your score, but I'm not sure what it is. Anyway, I reached the conclusion of the game, so I'm happy. Also, just for the heck of it, I ran a few of the other .COM files in DOSBox--a fun little addition to the game. This one is worth checking out if you have a few minutes free some day.

- Khalisar (Italy), July 27, 2015

- Egas, August 4, 2013

- dixonqu (New York, NY), August 15, 2010

Baf's Guide

A very small fantasy game - in fact, the executable is exactly 4096 bytes in size. (The zip is larger than that because it's bundled with a few other programs and some documentation.) Considering that limitation, it has a surprising amount of nicely evocative description. Very simple, two-word parser, incomplete direction lists, no "save game" feature. The premise that you're a "black dwarf" trying to recover the stolen orb that keeps your land in eternal winter has the interesting implication that the protagonist is a Bad Guy, but the game really doesn't have room to expand on this.

-- Carl Muckenhoupt

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