Within a Wreath of Dewdrops

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A speed if about theatre, where you assume many roles, May 15, 2016

This game was entered in a 24-hour speed if competition. For a speed if, it is surprisingly detailed and polished, on the order of Emily Short's Lavender or better.

In this game, you play three different characters. To do so, you use various props in many ways.

The writing is descriptive. The puzzles are tricky but fair; when I resorted to the hints, it turned out that my next idea would have worked, so I just should have tried a bit longer.

My one caveat is that the difficulty of the puzzles and the frequent motion on and off stage drew me out of the story of the play itself.

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IFforL2, June 4, 2018 - Reply
What is this "Emily Short's Lavender" to which you refer?
MathBrush, June 5, 2018 - Reply
Iím sorry, I meant Indigo! I confused my colors.
IFforL2, June 5, 2018 - Reply
If you showed me lavender, indigo, and purple, I'm sure I couldn't tell you which was which.
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