Beneath Floes

by Bravemule; Pinnguaq profile

Horror, Folktale

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., June 3, 2016

I liked Beneath the Floes more than the Domovoi. This one was a bit more interactive and less confusing as The Domovoi. I will admit that the narrative confused me on who was the Domovoi and I kind of felt like there were too many characters, only three, but enough for me to get confused with the plot I guess. Maybe I read it too fast? Hope that makes senses. It also has a wonderfully creepy atmosphere. Beneath the Floes also has better writing than The Domovoi, more clean cut, and the general atmosphere differs from the Domovoi. It's more filled out, not rushed, feels very complete. And the drawings are a beauty, the story is something I've heard of, while the Domovoi shared some similarities with folktales I'm familiar with. I really look forward to what Snow is going to make next. Although, I hope that his future Twine games has more interactivity, more choices to choose from. So far, the ones I've played only have two endings? And the changes in the story are kind of minimal, but the plot is enjoyable to read again and again.