ESS Chance: Reactor 1

by Justahack

Science Fiction

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a Short and Great Game, May 28, 2009
by Parham Doustdar (Tehran, Iran)

The game was great in it's writing. While there was an occasional typo here and there, and the game took about five minutes to complete, I think it's a great game to try for a beginner. The story was well laid out, and you were given the instructions. In the story, a virus is spreading across the ship that has a damaged reactor, and you are the only one that is there in the engineering station, blocked from the rest of the ship. The chief practically tells you what to do, and there is nothing blocking your path. However, since the virus is unpredictable, there are some random factors that make the options work or not work at each gameplay. Overall, since I found no bugs and a few typos, and I liked the style of writing, I gave it such a rating.

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