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ESS Chance: Reactor 1, by Justahack   May 28, 2009
"The game was great in it's writing. While there was an occasional typo here and there, and the game took about five minutes to complete,..." - See the full review

Eric's Bender, by uncleozzy   April 14, 2009
"The game is very well written, if not very well polished. There are a few guess-the-verb situations that might prove a bit of a problem,..." - See the full review

Special Detective Agent, by Pradeep Baral   January 24, 2009
"This game is poorly written, poorly formatted, poorly done, and full of bugs and misspellings. I do not wish to be discouraging; indeed..." - See the full review

Leap Time, by Sarah Morayati   January 18, 2009
"The game is very polished and very well done. It is a certainly perfect work for speed IF and a wonderfully done game, considering that..." - See the full review

Babel, by Ian Finley   January 15, 2009
"The game begins with you not knowing anything about yourself; your name, where you are, or how you got here. For some reason, you can see..." - See the full review

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