Badlands - Prologue

by AlexThorland


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A rush job, January 8, 2014
by Simon Deimel (Germany)

The approaches to a story are not bad, I was thinking about the choices that were to be made. The paragraphs were short, the language sufficient. It was an easy walk to the ending. There should have been more to it and again I get the impression that the author was hastily publishing it without even trying to make improvements to the result.

Unfortunately this is not a genuine game, but just a prologue -- there is no plot, this is just one scene meant to be an introduction to a story, so I do not want to give a rating on the scale. The writing, although there is not much of it, seems to be relatively competent as opposed to other novice authors; the author should have finished a small project instead of starting a big one and publishing only a first small part of it. Nobody wants to read the prologue of a book without a chance to read the rest, as it is usually just a tiny fragment of the storyline; people want to read a complete story.