by Graham Nelson

Haunted House, Historical, Travel, Time Travel

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Stuck and rage quitting, December 6, 2016
by piffling-paka (State College, Pennsylvania)

I really enjoyed the game in the beginning. Sure, I got stuck almost immediately, but I pulled up a walkthrough to get a general idea of what I was supposed to do. I made my way through a large chunk of the game, while writing down important pieces information and hand-drawing maps. I was starting to feel good until I got stuck again. I then realized I'm messed something up ~15 save files ago. Never would have guessed it was a mistake.

Well, I went back and fixed my error, but when the same thing happened again I packed up all my notes and maps and moved onto another game. I didn't want to follow a walkthrough word-for-word, but it felt like that was the only way I was ever going to finish.

Perhaps I'm simply not experienced or patient enough, but this just isn't a good game for me.

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MattC, December 6, 2016 - Reply
Same thing happened to me, except I ended up finishing the game using a walkthrough "word-for-word" as you put it. I normally wouldn't bother with such an exercise, but in the end I felt it was worth it to experience the true depth and scope of the game.
jlvp1234, September 28, 2019 - Reply
how do I lagach from the painting of mad Isaac Meldrew to the Bronze Mural I have tried multiple times but I got nowhere with it
Wladimir, February 13, 2017 - Reply
I agree, had the same, both when I originally played it and when I revisited it a few years ago. I love the scope and setting, and the writing of this game. But it's just plain frustrating in a huge game like this that you realize 100s of turns later that you made a mistake at some point and need to replay that entire part (or from the beginning if you have no save).
The only way to win this game seems to be to follow the walkthrough word-by-word. Anyhow props to people which did manage to solve this game without hints or walkthrough.
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