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Want to know more..., May 16, 2012

This game could have been a good beginning to a very scary story. I felt bad for the protagonist and for the dog, too. They were very basic characters, which I liked, and I could definitely feel for their situation. Without more exposition, the climax of the story was empty, but it could have been truly horrific if it had been explained what the person went through to get to this sad state. I like the different prose style (poetic style?). It was a creative, good idea that served this story well, and I just wish there had been more there in terms of background and setting to explain the sad logic of this person. I give it three stars for its unique style, its simplicity, and because I'm glad I read it.

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Danielle, May 15, 2012 - Reply
When you said this could've been a "good beginning"--it got me thinking about some different directions it could take.

For instance: What if the dream sequence was interrupted--either at the end, or right before the reveal--and switched to a more traditional-IF-written setting that gave some backstory (though you'd play through it in the present tense), and then came back to moment of the reveal, OR made you replay it from the beginning, now with more understanding of the situation? I can't help but wonder what that experience would have felt like.
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