The Family Record

by sharkinfishnets, pointyshades, AmeKinoko


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Creepy settings and bittersweet rituals, February 12, 2024
by manonamora
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The Family Records is a short interactive game made in Decker where you find yourself stuck in an empty manor after a snowstorm. Except the manor is not empty as you think, you find out by going through the different rooms.

Unable to leave the manor, Death greets you with a task: help the remaining souls find their way and you too will be free of this place. Along the task, Death gives you a book of rituals and the family record of the residents of this manor. Throughout the manor, you will find said ghosts, remnants of souls that you can talk to, and items, which you will need for the rituals.

In the style of older point-n-click games, in a black-n-white palette, the game lets you explore the manor, search the different rooms, listen to the ambient sound, and talk to the available resident. Find all the souls, gather up the items, and match the rituals to the correct person to set them free.

I enjoyed the game quite a bit, and didn't see the end coming.

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