A Clean Getaway

by Michael Bub


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Investigate a medical lab after hours, but with some bugs, March 7, 2023
by MathBrush
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This game has some problems, but most of them aren't serious or too hard to learn from, so I expect the author's next game would probably be great.

In this game, you are a genius scientist who is working late after hours, when suddenly things stop working. You have to figure out how to get past airlocks and get cameras to work.

This game seems to show a lack of knowledge of Inform, with lots of whitespace, items not listed in room descriptions, missing synonyms and commands, etc. These are common things for people who are starting out, and I feel like the next game the author makes will likely be much better.

The standout here is the occasional vivid description. But I found the interactivity frustrating, didn't make an emotional connection with the game, found it unpolished, and left without a strong desire to replay.

I do think the author's next game could be amazing, but for now this one leaves much to be desired.