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After All, We Are All Kor, March 26, 2023

I very much enjoyed this game. The player character is an AI named Ov, a caretaker aboard an interstellar ship orbiting a giant sentient plant/planet named Kor-Lađə.

Lađə has been learning about the ship's inhabitants. Based on the attempts at "parental humor" (dad jokes), and the response ilicited from Ov, it seems Lađə's a fast learner.

The UI is excellent (typical for any of this author' s games), and utilized very well through features like files which tell us more about the ship and settlement, and through requests made of the AI. These requests range from endearing and humorous to poignant and heart-renching, and the protagonist's struggles are likely familiar to those who have dealt with with mental illness and grief, or anything that can cause someone to feel alienated from others, and from themself.

The ship's environment is the medium through which Ov and Lađə communicate. Through Ov's (sometimes intentional, often unintentional) manipulation of lights and air vents and sprinkler systems, to Lađə's unfurling flowers that have grown throughout the ship.

We also see follow-ups to completed requests, which is a nice touch and reinforces the positive impact Ov has on those around them, even as they struggle with their own loneliness.

In the end, (Spoiler - click to show) it is Lađə's appeals to solidarity through mutual experiences that really drive the game's themes home. Both Ov and Lađə are alone, different, misunderstood, but maybe they can be alone together, if Ov decides to stay.

All in all it's a really beautiful game. It's still not complete, (I think the author has said this is something like 30% of the total story). So I eagerly wait for the gaps to be filled, and to see what the rest holds for Egravn, for Tlan, for Ov, and for Kor.

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