Light into Darkness

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Short, disturbing parser game jumping between planes of reality, December 14, 2016
by verityvirtue (London)
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[Depicts murder/violence, gore. Time to completion: 10-15 minutes]

This short parser game does not make for light reading, but it's so short that to explain more about its premise would spoil it. Suffice to say that the initial setup reminded me of Ecdysis (down to the mental images it conjured) and The Baron.

The PC switches between planes of reality within a few moves, constantly keeping the player off kilter. I found this pacing just right for the size of the game. The writing is tight, too, wasting no time on extraneous details.

The game was built on a small enough scale that I couldn't get lost, and of note is one scene in which the actions you have to do to move the story on is indirectly shown to the player. For its size, though, it still let the player decide on the ultimate interpretation of the PC's actions.

Discretion is recommended for player murder and violence.

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Christina Nordlander, December 15, 2016 - Reply
Thank you very much for your review! Seems like the things I was going for in this game came through.

I was indeed influenced by The Baron, (Spoiler - click to show)for the ending in particular: the way that game had the guts to give the player a large number of possible actions in the endgame, then refused to tell you the result of your choice, always stuck with me. Obviously, my game has a much simpler ending choice, but I aimed for the same ambience of "I'm not going to tell you what you just did; you figure it out."
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