The Origin of Madame Time

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Episode 2 of The Owl Consults Extended Universe

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Nice!, May 8, 2022

You're Justine Thyme, an ordinary schoolgirl with a passion for superheroes. She trips into a war between superheroes and villains and discovers she's got a superpower herself - she can control time. And so she stumbles through an abandoned amusement park to save everyone from a nuclear catastropy.

I personally don't like superheroes, with the exception of "Superhero League of Hoboken"-style ones. "Madame Time"'s wee heroes are cute enough to not repel me. The frozen time scenario makes for some neat puzzles, and the game world, small as it is, is well constructed and cozy. I had a problem with understanding the overall target of the game, but once that is clear it's fun working towards it. Definitely recommended, especially for n00bs (and I myself am always playing like one).