by François Alliot, Nerial and Devolver Digital

Episode 1 of Reigns

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The Guardian
" a simple, charming but sometimes infuriating mobile game"

Feats of memory are perfectly possible, because even though the game promises 400 unique cards, you will see a lot of them multiple times. That’s fine when you’re simply trying to set a high score. But as the game’s story-arc comes into play, featuring a demonic curse passed down through the generations, and an achievement-style system, you’ll find yourself swiping through tens of cards you’ve seen far too often, just waiting for the one card that you need to fulfil some objective.

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Great idea, tough as nails, July 14, 2019

A genius concept, perfect for on-the-go smartphone users (just swipe left or right to make binary choices). Stylish art, fun and jokey writing, but punishingly difficult throughout. There is a long-term meta-game that spans multiple lives, but it is very under-clued and somewhat unfair to achieve.

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